Saturday, March 29, 2008

Now we wait


We put in an offer.

Yesterday at this time, we were still kicking around the idea of this house. At about 4 pm, we met with our Realtor and put together an actual offer. This is the first time we've ever considered buying a house, so the whole process has been a learning experience. So now we enter a whole new ballgame: waiting.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Long time, no posts

Wow - it has been a while. And a lot has happened.
We took a job in Aiken, South Carolina (near Augusta, GA), and so we left Ketchikan, AK on January 16, 2008, and picked our way down the West Coast, and then along the southern part of the US. We took our time - we didn't get to Aiken until February 2. It was a great trip - Nora was amazingly good, despite some tummy issues. We got to see so many amazing things - the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands . . . We also got to hang out with some family along the way - in TX and FL. It was so nice to take a trip as a family. We haven't done a whole lot of that - it's prohibitively expensive to travel away from Ketchikan, so we saved our travel for holidays.
We really like Aiken. It's a gorgeous town, with lots of things to do and see. We are looking for a house, and *hopefully*, we are getting close. We have a house in mind, and we may make an offer on it very soon. Till then, we will continue living in a hotel. It's not quite as awesome as it may seem. On the plus side, I haven't cleaned, done laundry, or cooked in a few months. On the minus side, I miss being able to do those things . . . even if I may sometimes grumble about them. I think it's hard on all of us - we can't really relax, or put down roots. My best friends, if considered by the amount of time I spend with them, are our Realtor, the front desk staff at the hotel, and maybe some of the wait staff at local restaurants.
It will change, I know. Soon, this will all be a distant memory.