Monday, October 6, 2008

Menu Plan Monday


Short week this week - at least at home.  We're going camping this weekend with another family from church, and other than deciding that we'd each take a night to cook dinner, not much planning has been done.  Yikes!  It will be fun to go.  We'll camping at Hunting Island, which was one of the first places we visited in South Carolina (outside of Aiken) in February.  It's on the coast, and the weather is supposed to be delicious!  I have camped while pregnant before, but I was not this pregnant, so we'll see how I hold up.  
We did pretty well on our first week of the month-long menu.  My big mistake was planning a large meal for the day I knew we'd be grocery shopping.  By the time we got home, I was beat!  Instead, I cooked a packet of beans and rice, served it with sour cream, and called it good.  I made the big meal - chicken - later in the week, replacing a freezer meal I had planned to use.  Also, we grilled 1/2 the pork loin instead of using it for barbeque (slow-cooker recipe).  That was a great decision - it was so good!  
Without further ado, week two!

Monday:  Macaroni and Cheese with cauliflower puree (from Deceptively Delicious), sauteed zucchini

Tuesday:  Barbeque Pork, corn, salad, bread

Wednesday:  Church (may be bringing main dish for 15 - tacos?)

Thursday:  Nachos, cheese, sour cream, tomato, olives, taco meat (freezer), beans, avocado? (on sale this week!)  (may turn leftovers into seven layer dip, as we'll be leaving Friday)

Friday: Camping - hot dogs or hamburgers

Saturday:  Camping - hot dogs or hamburgers

Sunday:  Tuna casserole (freezer), sauteed broccoli

For more great menus, check out OrgJunkie!  Have a great week!  

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