Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday Finals March 14-20

This was a pretty good week.  J went to Kroger without my Plus card and no coupons!  I almost choked when I saw the total (half our budget!) and the savings ($0).  I realized I was going to have to step it up to stay on budget, as all he got was coffee and beer!!  I went to Publix twice, and took advantage of the amazing coupon Kingsford has going.  So here's the breakdown, and the pictures:

Spent: 29.19
Saved: 0 :o(
Total: 29.19
% Saved: 0%

Publix #1
Spent: 20.53
Saved: 29.58
Total: 50.11
% Saved: 59%

Publix #2
Spent: 12.71
Saved: 36.55
Total: 49.26
% Saved: 74%
(not pictured: $3.37 worth of "incentive" jelly beans for Nora, to be doled out as good grocery store behavior merits)

Publix total
Spent: 33.24
Saved: 66.13
Total: 99.37
% Saved: 67%

Week's Total
Spent: 62.43
Saved: 66.13
Total: 128.56
% Saved: 51%

Check out Southern Savers for sale/coupon matchups, and for inspiration from other savers!

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