Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Great week! and a contest

It's been a while since I've posted, and we've been doing well. Jamie got a new job at his current workplace - it's a promotion to a supervisory position, and it means we're staying here for a while! Hannah is doing so well, rolling this way and that, turning herself in circles, and so desperately interested in crawling. Nora is doing so well with her schooling, and she is becoming such a lovely little girl (from being a lovely preschooler). She is a joy to teach. I am growing and learning in the weekly Women's Bible Study I've been co-facilitating. You really do get a lot more out of studying when you have to be prepared to move the discussion along, and I'm really enjoying it.

I've been trucking along with the money saving. This week was excellent. I spent $34.61 at CVS, Kroger, and Publix. I saved $116.36. That's a savings of 77%! I got a bunch of produce, milk, 6 large boxes of Cheerios, 4 boxes of fruit snacks, pancake mix, sugar, granola bars, 5 boxes of Always Infinity pads (!!), and more.

I have just signed up for a contest All*You magazine is promoting (starting 7/13/09): Can you spend less than $25 on edible groceries per person, per week, for a month? They are interested to see if it can be done, and I think I can safely say YES! Even if I don't count Hannah (baby food just isn't a huge part of the budget), I am certain I can keep it below $75/week for edibles. I'm not sure how one wins (spend the least? drawing of one eligible participant?), but the prize is a $1000 grocery gift card, a years' worth of Knorr sides, and a feature in the magazine. It would be way cool to win!

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Sarah said...

Yippee! An update! :) Good luck on the grocery challange. The way you have been saving, I'm sure you will knock the socks off everyone else. Keep me posted.