Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Grocery Shopping

I did my grocery shopping yesterday for this week.  On Monday, I reconciled our finances and took a look at how we are doing with our new budget.  Well, on the plus side, we still have money in the grocery budget for the month.  On the minus side, it's less than it should be.  I know the reasons why - just need to have more discipline about quick trips (especially on the weekends!).  I would like to stay on budget for the month still, so I've revised down the amount of money I want to spend the next two weeks.  By approximately half. (!)  I did pretty well yesterday - I spent a little more than half of what we have left in the budget for the month, but got some items I can definitely use next week.  One other thing that would help would be to use more coupons - I don't get the paper or those packs of coupons (like ValPak), so I am at a bit of a loss as to where to get a bunch of coupons.  For now, I'm entering in giveaways like this one at Bargain Hunting Wife - you can too!

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Sarah said...

I just happen to know that you can go to general mills or betty crocker sites and they have coupons that you can print off... :)