Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Finals first week of March

As I went a bit over budget last week, I kept it moderate this week.
Spent: $21.24
Total value: $36.83
Saved: $15.59
% saved: 42.3%

Spent: $23.70
Total value: $46.03
Saved: $22.33
% saved: 48.5%

Spent: $2.69
Total value: $5.38
Saved: $2.69
% saved: 50%

Spent: $47.63
Total value: $88.24
Saved: $40.61
% saved: 46% 

I have a question - what is your opinion of Aldi?  A new one opened here yesterday, and while they boast 50% off of the grocery stores, I'm not entirely sure that I can't do better.  Do you shop at Aldi?  For everything or for specific items?

To see more savers (who are very good at this!), go to  Have a great weekend!


Sarah said...

My mom is a huge fan of Aldi's. They only take cash, so it might take a little planning (they might take debit too, but my mom only does cash). My mom loves it because it is a quick stop. You have to watch the ads as they sometimes don't carry the same things from weeke to week. My mom has been impressed with the produce and prices.

Amy T said...

Good to know! I'll probably check it out - they put $5/$30 purchase coupons in the paper.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI pretty much everything at Aldi's is off brand and they don't take manufacturer coupons. Growing up my mom shopped at Aldi's some, but one just opened in our town and I thought it was small and didn't really care for it. Probably worth going to use your $5 off coupon and forming your own opinion. Don't forget your quarter to getyour cart. You'll also need to take your own bags, so you don't have to purchase them.